I get asked a lot why I use Posthaven over the various other blogging platforms out there. For the record, I have experimented with quite a few of them (Wordpress, Verst, Medium, Ghost, etc.) and have kept with Posthaven for the past few months.

(I republish all of my daily blog posts directly to my Medium account as well).

So why Posthaven?

1 — It is super easy to use.

Perhaps the biggest and most important thing to me about blogging is being able to hit publish each and every day. I want to be consistent and I need a blogging platform that removes as much friction as possible between the time I start typing and the time I want the world to see my words.

With Posthaven, I do not really need to worry about anything besides the words. Comments, sharing, etc. is all taken care of. All I have to think about is my ideas and I can be fully present and absorbed in my writing.

The theme is dead simple and not cluttered with advertisements or spam. And the text editor is also intuitive.

2 — It will last forever.

Alternative blogging platforms come and go, Posthaven will last forever. That is their promise (at least) and I believe it.

I can also easily export my essays from Posthaven in just a few clicks and save them to my local drive.

I think the balance between these two factors makes Posthaven an attractive “home base” for my article.s

Originally published at gonen.blog.

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