Writing is under prioritized by nearly everyone

I have written before about how none of us spend enough time thinking about and learning to become better communicators. In the professional world, communication is essential.

Whether you are a huge company, small company, you are a software engineer, product manager, or marketer — communication is key. This is not to say you have to talk a lot. In fact, often the opposite. I’ve found the best communicators to be solely the people who know what to say and what to do at the right time.

Writing is a super powerful tool that can help you become much better at communicating. And in many roles, it is crucial. We spend so much of our time writing nowadays — whether it is for internal problem statements or external facing pitches.

It is not even that you have to be the best writer in the world because often times, especially internally, people do not really care about your grammar skills.

Speed, however, is so important — especially in the agile development system as you are trying to iterate and move really quickly. This can only happen if you, the person creating the problem statement, is able to collect and gather the best ideas and put them onto a paper in a coherent and succinct way.

The best writers say more with less. It is hard. Really hard. Most people ramble like I do. But in the business world…we must get to the point as quickly as possible because no one has time to read bullshit.

Originally published at gonen.blog.

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