Your Health MUST be Number One

Jun 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Health is hard to appreciate. It is hard to place a big value or truly understand the importance of your health because you were born with it. It was a gift from whoever. And you never really needed to earn it. (As with many things in life, if you did not have to work for them it is harder to appreciate them).

But the thing about health is that it may be the single most important thing in your life. Yes, more important than your precious Iphone and all your twitter followers. The reality is simple: without your health you literally have nothing.

This concept is still hard because until you lose your health (for a bit). Until you are sick. Or until someone you know gets really sick. Health is just a thing. But when that happens, health is literally everything.

That sense of urgency, where all you want to do is find a way to be healthy — try and start doing that now. Start being cognizant of how important it is to be healthy.

It is non negotiable. You can never be too busy to make time for your health. It’s not a part of your diet, it is a part of life.

This is a shorter post on a huge topic ~~~sorry!!!

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