Connecting Everything to Everything

Before you start reading, I will warn you now…

  • Keep an open mind
  • This is purely opinion aside from some facts thrown in so I am not entirely making things up
  • There will be many, many theoretical situations

Now that you have been warned, let me explain what we are doing. I will be attempting to find connection between some of the most unlikely things in the world. There is nothing that is out of play, for everything is connected. I will do some slight research on some of the topics in order to find a way to connect it to something else. This article could either be the most eye open train of thought, or the ideas of a crazy man. I like to think of it as my brain trying to comprehend this outragous world we live in. Ready to feel like a crazy, conspiracy theorist? Good. Let’s begin.

As a stressed, sleep deprived college student, I feel it would be best to start our discussion with the topic of final exams. For the majority of my classes, my final exam is worth between 20 to 25 percent of my semester grade. Theoretically, if I were to completely bomb my final exams (and when I say bomb I mean like get a 20 out of 100), I could significantly lower my grade for that class. The likely hood of this happening is not high, yet it would be unfortunate if I were to fail. If I were to fail multiple classes, that would in turn lower my grade point average. Supposing I had no work experience and terrible letters of recommendation, my grade point average would be one of the only things potential employers would be able to see on my résume.

It is curious to see how we work half to death and stress ourselves out over a single number that defines our knowledge to those who do not know us. Students worry about being able to find not only a job, but a career that could skyrocket us into the average american middle class as soon as possible. It is selfish of us, most definitely, however we just want to make the most of the opportunities presented to us. We have been blessed with parents who worked hard to give us a chance to be above average.

As kids, it is easy to take all of our parent’s hard work for granted. They work tirelessly so we may grow up even better than they did. Unfortunately, with our young age, we retain an adolescent form of greed. And because of our parents, most of us grow to lose that form of greed.

While some learn to share and be charitable, others are not so lucky. There are still those who still are greedy by nature and allow their greed to control their actions. Whether it is for profit or power, greed leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Take this picture for example:

“Western Civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet” -Terence McKenna

This is a picture I took on my way home to Long Island. This is an effect of greed in a nation, where a once beautiful nation is transformed into a desolate construction site and a high way. In their pursuit of profits or power, western civilization has razed the once beautiful landscape. All of the foliage that once inhabited the coast line is now used to harbor the future site of a Wal-mart. The greed of mankind has destroyed a majority of the planet during the industrial revolution and if we are not careful, we could kill it.

In terms of our sustainability on earth, the industrial revolution is to the planet as smoking is to your body. If we ever planned on enjoying another thousand years on this earth, we need to find a solution to this growing problem. More and more of the earth is being lost to urbanization and deforestation each year.

The industrial revolution may doom our planet, yet it may also be a lead to a new one. Because of the industrial revolution, we have been able to make significant advances in science and our understanding of space. We will soon be able to leave the planet we have doomed and hopefully find a new one so we may correct our mistakes there. We will be able to be sustainable on that other planet with a fresh amount of resources. In order for us to be able to continue these advances, we must have smart people to get us there. For that reason we have education. And with education comes a test that reveals how well the college taught you: Final exams.

Starting at the topic of final exams then relating it with the stress of getting a career, we took it to appreciating the work our parents do and connecting it to how our parents raised us to be good. After that we connected it to greed, the industrial revolution, deforestation, sustainability of the world, space exploration, and then coming full circle by relating it back to final exams. Mindblown. I hope that I was able to entertain you with my rant on the world and allowed you to see how my mind works.