Meeting New Lifeforms

I had quite an interesting conversation today with two strangers, there names were Marcell and Jimmy. They were very kind and put in actual thought to answer my questions instead of just dismissing them. To be honest I was a little worried when they told me, with such excitement, that they enjoy eating other animals, as Marcell said “Hell ya, cows, pigs it’s all about that meat”. With that being said they assured me that they did not other people, “that’s weird we don’t do that” said Jimmy, a concept I’m still a little confused about but they seemed pretty confident about it so I believe them. When I asked them about the things the covered there bodies with, they said that were called clothes and that they had to wear them. When I inquired more about why they had to wear these “clothes”, they said that it was “socially unacceptable to walk around naked” although Marcell would prefer to be naked he is not allowed. I must say I am happy that I met these two, they gave me some very valuable information for my first interaction with humans.

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