CSS puts the SS in StreSSful

It was hard enough learning how to properly write HTML in one day (believe me, I didn’t). It was even harder trying to absorb the take home lessons that we were supposed to read. It was hard AF to come in the next day, and start going over it, all while trying to complete activities and beging projects.

After splitting off into groups (which I didn’t like, but that’s neither here, nor there) we started segmenting activities to do. While it took the majority of the morning to do the activities (I really didn’t fully complete any of them), we started on (1) of (2) projects. After I quickly realized I forgot my lunch, I worked on this project from about 12:30pm until 5:30pm. And the long and short of it…I somewhat learned what I was supposed to be doing.

CSS is something that intrigues the shit out of me. How can you write words and symbols and then they come out as shapes and colors on the other side? To be fair, I thought CSS would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. But God in heaven is it hard.