(Let’s go) — That’s what SCO means to me. It’s something my friends and I came up with. It’s one of those words that has several different meanings. For example, if we’re ready to get online and play video games, a group text will be sent out that simply says “SCO”! It’s like our “bat signal”. Another meaning it has is one of excitement. Have you ever seen someone get dunked on in basketball? Emotion takes over, and they start screaming out “LET’S GO”. Go ahead, try it. Scream it out loud. Now, say it, a little quicker. Sometimes, if you say it quick enough, it sounds like SCO. Which is where that came from.

John Saddington. Anyone? If you’re in the tech world, especially coding, you probably know him. He helped found the program I am about to embark on. The Iron Yard, which is an immersive 12 week program that allows ANYONE to gain the necessary skills to becoming a Junior Developer in the world of coding, is the program I am starting on May 22nd in the Nashville, TN. Long story kind short, I had a buddy take a leap of faith about 2 years ago and enter into this world of software development. He’s found success, so that has inspired me to pivot and enter into this world. And to be honest…I’m scared to death and can’t explain how excited I am at the same time.

I didn’t know John until today, btw. The guy who literally is one of the biggest reasons I’m about to embark on this journey, is someone who I had only really heard his name once or twice, but didn’t comprehend WHO he was until today. When you enroll into The Iron Yard, you are asked to complete pre work. Now, two things about pre work. I knew about pre work once I officially enrolled, via word of mouth. On May 4th, I received an email from my campus director kind of bringing me up to speed on where I was and what I needed to do to ensure my entry into The Iron Yard was seamless. I checked all the boxes, and read the email “thoroughly”. There was a hyperlink within the email that took my to my pre work. I didn’t click on it until today, May 17th. I planned it out where I would have today until May 21st to complete my pre work. As soon as I click into the lesson, it said I would need 15 hours to complete everything. Okay, no big deal. Then I read that it suggested to take 1 hour a day to complete it, starting 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the class. Crap. Can’t go back now. Plus, I don’t like stretching things out. I did that with, and it didn’t work well for me. I started mapping out 3–4 hours of my day to focus on, and it helped a lot more. So here we are, I’m 28% complete with pre work, and already have learned a lot. Seriously. A lot.

The first thing it taught me was what mindset to strive to be in. I honestly believe I have a certain level of “fixed” and “growth” in my mind. It’s something I’ve always been (to a certain degree). I’ve always been intrigued by everything. I’m the person that has to know the whole thing before I can determine my opinion. That can cause problems in some ways, as sometimes people just want you to quickly absorb and produce, no questions asked(ask my last boss). A major part of why I decided to enter into this field (with the help of and Chris Bosh — to be explained later) is the fact that this field requires critical thinking. I believe that I’m going to benefit from my “need to know a lot before executing” mentality in this field. I’m been driving it home in my own mind to be “open and eager to constantly learn.” Learning NEVER stops. Never. Never. Never. As cliche as it sounds, technology NEVER stays the same. Constantly changes. That’s good for me. Keeps me sane, while going insane trying to figure it out.

Part of pre work is reading some interesting articles, and then you get to watch 5 videos that were recorded by John Saddington. As cliche as it sounds(I say that a lot), I listened and observed him and felt like there were things that he was saying that I had said. In other words, there was some of him, in me. And vice versa.

John charged me with the notion of blogging and creating my brand. He spoke of controlling what others will be able to tell about me from my blog. Your blog is your thoughts and opinions, on digital paper. Convey who you are on paper, and blow them away in person. That’s my new mantra.

So, taking most of John’s advice, I am doing this. John encouraged students of this program to eliminate outside distractions, for 12 weeks at least. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Well, I’m not going to deactivate my accounts, or delete my apps for the time being. I’m going to set a goal of avoiding them as time wasters for 12 weeks. If I can’t, then I’ll delete them or deactivate them. One by one if I have to. I’m going to impose some self control on this, and crush it.

This my first blog post. John encouraged a schedule, for about 15 mins a day to write a blog. About my experience in entering this world. For now. So here it is, John. And here it is, world, peers, and future employers/relationships. This is who Jordan Gregory is.

Jordan Gregory is scared to death, and driven as hell. Jordan Gregory is going to put everything he has into this 12 weeks, and the future. Why? For Jordan Gregory. For Jordan Gregory’s future. For Jordan Gregory’s family and friends. For Jordan Gregory’s potential family. For Jordan Gregory’s future employers and the people they affect. Because Jordan Gregory is tired of living life “normally.” Jordan Gregory claims to be different, and now he has found a platform that will allow him to start building true different credibility.

I will say this to every person I interview with, and I will mean it. I am here to learn and grow. I am here to never stop learning and never stop growing. And while I do that, I will contribute. I will fail, and I will succeed. I will not give up. I will work as hard as it takes to be what I’m meant to be. I can only tell you this now. I have to have the opportunity to show it to you and prove it to.


I was thinking about my future in this picture. Sea of opportunities out there.