Do The Right Thing, “Be Like Bill”

Last year an internet meme has been posted, shared and liked all over the internet showing people the right way to act on social media. Created in 2015, this meme really got shared everywhere and became a very big meme with shares being shared until the following year. These type of memes were used to tell people to stop posting/sharing posts on social media that are really just filling up people’s timelines. This meme, “‘Be like Bill’ urges the meme that is clogging up Facebook timelines with tongue-in-cheek advice about the correct way to behave online or how to handle other questions of modern etiquette.” Rather then telling people to stop posting things online or showing people how to act properly in society this meme was created to do so. Though the meme really became famous as many people remixed the tweet in order to make it funny about any sort of situation.


“According to Know Your Meme, Bill’s origins aren’t exactly definite, but we do know he popped up on the scene around October 2015, appearing on forum sites like Reddit, and Funnyjunk. Eugeniu Croitoru, a man from Moldova currently living in Milan, Italy, claims to have created the meme as a passive aggressive jab at the overly opinionated, serial sharers on social media.” This meme still hasn’t been identified as to how much usage it obtained but it really exploded as many people are creating it in other languages, for example in Arabic (seen in the picture to the left).


The original meme that was posted (seen to the left), shows Bill (the stick man) on the computer, stating Bill is on the internet. Bill see’s something that offends him. Bill moves on. Bill is smart. Be like Bill. So who knows who exactly who Bill is but why not use his advice to finally do the right thing, think twice about that next share/post online.


As there was a large number of posts of this meme, there was also lots of negative backlash about the “Be Like Bill” meme. Apparently, it was found that the meme was stealing your information on Facebook (seen in the video below). So who knows, should we “Be Like Bill?”

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