I’m An Over-thinker, Nice To Meet You.

It’s probably best I tell you ahead of time,

because usually the ones who find out on their own disappear,

out of fear.

Hopefully you’ll stay awhile.

I’m a great person, but you see, sometimes this over thinking gets the best of me.

When I think things are going swell,


I contemplate the possibilities of how long this will last.

If this smooth phase will pass.

Because, usually it does.

I’ll admit, I’m the one to blame.

I know it’s lame,

this over thinking thing.

I’d like to think…

Geez, I’m doing it again.

This mind of mine will never let me win.

So, if we meet and things are sweet then suddenly become grim,

It’s not you, it’s me

overthinking things again my friend.

But until then, be patient with me

And I will be patient with you.

And when you start to question if this is for you, remember to keep in mind…

It’s me,

It’s not you.

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