CJ Pearson targeted by liberals and suspended by Facebook temporarily

It seems like as of late, if you dare to speak out against the Liberal Elite in America, they paint a target on your back. Young political contibutor CJ Pearson has seemingly learned this the hard way. Amid past death threats, and constant harassment on social media CJ hasn’t been deterred from sharing his conservative message. His voice has been amplified by the likes of Fox News, CNN, TIME, and USA Today.

On Monday, CJ received a nasty email and Facebook message from an alledged NY State Assembly Staffer.

Here’s the inflammatory email that started it all.
Keep in mind this message was sent to a 14 year-old.

From there, CJ screenshotted the messages and posted them to his Facebook fan page.

Subsequently Pearson’s Facebook post was removed by Facebook for an alleged violation of terms of use. CJ then posted about the suspension and made a point that he felt targeted due to his content. Facebook then suspended his posting privileges for 24 hours.

Screenshots of the notifications that CJ received from Facebook.

Sometime tonight he’ll regain his posting privileges.

While I doubt that Facebook is specifically targeting CJ, I do believe that liberals who wish to silence his voice are exploiting the Facebook algorithms that determine what content is removed after being reported. I don’t work Facebook so I can’t ascertain which of the two is occurring, but either way, we cannot allow our conservative voices to be silenced.

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