Legally Black: The Revolution Is Being Televised — My US Congressional Campaign opposing (68 years old, 30-year career politician) Rep. Joe Wilson

Jordan Taylor
Mar 1, 2016 · 5 min read

Magical intersections = spice of my life: on this last leap day of February turning into March 2016— Happy Black History Month & Happy Women’s History Month (Not to be confused with the lackluster and offbeat sarcasm of Stacy Dash). Unlike Ms. Dash’s, this announcement is transformational: I, Jordan Taylor, am 26 years old, and am running for United States Congress to represent South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District in this year’s 2016 election.

Together, with the help of Americans, South Carolinians, and especially Millennials, we will make history as the 1st United States Congressional campaign and tenure to be broadcasted on YouTube and documented for a feature-length film.

Certainly, this campaign will be a battle of the David and Goliath sort, yet despite the adversity before us, I am confident that “teamwork makes the dreamwork” and we will create change. Within the next few weeks, I will need your help building a team and fundraising $5000 by March 30 to get my name on the South Carolina ballot. Overall, our low goal is $250,000 and high goal of $5 million, within the average spent on a federal election. We are set to win 2016 (at best) and 2018 (as necessary). You can help support our campaigns on GoFundMe (for the 1st $20,000) now and Kickstarter (launching within the coming weeks).

We are launching 1 Political Action Committee (PAC) and 1 Super PAC to oppose the incumbent. Please reach out if you are interested in getting involved.

  1. Jordan Taylor & Millennial Leadership in Government
  2. Retire Senior Citizens from Congress 2016

Your support will help create the YouTube series, Legally Black: The Revolution Is Being Televised, with aims to be the most transparent Congresswoman of all time, while educating on the current reality of the New Gilded Age of inequality and voter disenfranchisement caused by unlimited amounts of money in campaign finance.

Think of Legally Black as inspired by Legally Blonde + SchoolHouse Rock + documentary film + music video political parodies + apparel + books. I believe if Americans can laugh and learn together, then we can heal together from the post-trauma of 9/11 and deeper wounds of historic inequality, including its symptoms of classism, racism, sexism.

United we stand. Together we achieve. Together we will win. Together, the American people can overcome the greed, corruption, and deception solidified by Citizen’s United that is currently strangling the last breath of democracy from our political system, and thwarting the real change that Americans desperately need.

Millennials are the future of our nation, and although we are nearly 100 million strong, we face taxation without representation in Congress. Change in America’s governance is only possible with a real change in leadership at the highest levels. Regardless of your choice for Obama’s successor, one thing we’ve learned from his legacy, is that it is not enough to simply elect a Presidential candidate. I am running to upgrade Congress with diversity: version 2.0(16)

For real change, we must elect new, non-traditional Congressional candidates. I am running to make history as the 1st documentary filmmaker in Congress, the 1st female House of Representative for South Carolina, and potentially the youngest (seated) member of the 115th Congress. What a time to be alive!

The people of South Carolina deserve political options. Congressman Joe Wilson, who heckled President Obama’s 1st State of the Union, ran unopposed last cycle. In a TRUE democratic republic, there’s no reason why he should not have to compete for his seat, but the current Federal Election Committee rules on campaign finance create astronomical barriers to entry for candidates, making it nearly impossible for the average American to become a game-changer in Washington politics. Until Legally Black…

Let’s use this obstacle as an opportunity to shed light onto the nation’s current leadership deficit crisis. Politics as usual IS NO LONGER EFFECTIVE. We must change the culture of Washington, together.

“It is better to light a candle, rather than to curse the darkness” — Fortune Cookie

On today, February 29, 2016, I am taking a leap of faith and asking Americans to leap with me.

As a lifelong dancer and cheerleader, I know how scary big leaps can feel at first. However, with time, tenacity, and faith anything is possible. I assert, like President Obama, that when ALL Americans succeed, and MORE people are INCLUDED in the political process that we all do better.

I am taking the leap because: Millennials, college students, teenagers, children, domestic violence survivors, the homeless, veteran families, disabled citizens, middle-working-poor classes, small business owners, minorities, singles, flora & fauna, and women deserve a committed leader at the decision-making table impacting our futures. I am ready to earn your support to serve as your voice and interactive connection to the United States Congress.

Did you know Feb. 29 is traditionally a day when women subvert cultural norms to ask a husband’s hand in marriage? I love this country and our planet, and today, I am asking for your hand in marriage, America, and all of the fine people in South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, as your future US House of Representative. Last night during Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar acceptance speech, he summarized the outline of our platform beautifully. Watch it here.

“Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Ghandi

America’s Sweetheart Candidate: Compassionate Politics for Good in Government

This is why I am fighting for the people of South Carolina, and America, this land we dearly love. I am running to contribute truth, justice, authenticity, cooperation, inclusivity, voter engagement, collaboration, fair negotiation, wisdom, courtesy, diplomacy, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, ethics, moral consciousness, and liberation to American politics. With your generous support we will make this happen. Thank you. Stay tuned. The revolution is being televised. God Bless the United States of America.

*Paid for by Friends of Jordan Taylor for Congress. My name is Jordan Taylor, I am seeking a US Congressional bid, and approve this message

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