Drop Your Damn Pride and Ask For Help.

Shopfy Workroom 10.21.2017

For those of you who are working on your own project, we get it; you’re good at what you do.

So good that sometimes you brush off the idea of asking for help. Especially hard workers who don’t have a problem staying up all night working on a project — these guys would spend 40 hours studying entrepreneurship by themselves and expect to beat the market like that.

There’s nothing wrong with that — except when they don’t even think other people are capable of helping him.

I was once like that.

You can’t learn everything by yourself. You need a new perspective.

Sometimes this ugly thing called Pride shows its ugly head and I become sold on the idea that somehow I can just figure everything out myself. While I don’t doubt that I’m a capable learner, a lot of times it’s just faster and more efficient if you look around you to see training opportunities.

I’m writing this blog post in Downtown Los Angeles, at the Shopify Workroom event hosted by Shopify. I’ve just met with a guru that really gave me invaluable tips to improve my store.

I’ll obviously still have to do the work myself, but what I’ve learned in the one hour talking to them would have taken me a couple of months to piece it together. I would have probably mindlessly consumed content from the internet until my frustration peaks — at which point binge eat to make myself feel better and then feel terrible. It’s a Lose-Lose-Lose Situation.

So drop your pride and look out for help. Mentors, Workshops, anything where you can meet someone in person. Ask questions.

It’s a Win-Win-Win Situation.

Jordan Ho is obsessed with the process of “becoming.” He’s likes learning about investing, self-improvement, business, and has an appreciation for art. He’ll be working tirelessly to attain ultimate financial and spiritual freedom.

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