Denim: 3 Feature Lead Examples

“You call those jeans?”

Cody Blake stands at the window of Diesel in Washington D.C., and studies the denim strategically stretched around the sharp angles of the mannequins’ limbs. A young man and a woman, just as angular and flawless as the mannequins, breeze out of the store donning Italy’s finest in jeans.

Blake’s leather-tan reflection in the window quizzically smirks back as he shakes his head. His own jeans are long-faded, droopy and creased. They hang loosely around his tightly wrought frame. Stains from 25 years of farmer life each, like scars, tell some kind of story.

“I’m not sure I’d call those things proper jeans,” the Wisconsin farmer says as the cosmopolitan couple whisk by. “And I’m not sure I’d call the boys wearing them proper men.”

Like a pair of Levi’s at a Diesel, Blake finds himself just as out-of-place.

Quote lead

* * *

Karen’s fist clenched over the garbage can. She bit her lip, and laughed a little despite her stinging eyes. Why was this so hard?

Everyone had told Karen Jessop that having a baby would come with its share of sacrifice. She blithely accepted the sleepless nights, the minimal alone time, and the constant worry as a new way of life to deal with.

But somehow, she’d overlooked this. It shouldn’t be so huge compared to everything else. Yet here she was; fighting back tears and forcing herself to let go.

She stomped decisively on the trash pedal. The lid clanged against the wall. Plop! Now crumpled in the trash were Karen’s favorite rhinestone embellished jeans, now three sizes too small.

Another staple of her youth gone, destined to never fit again.

Tease lead

* * *

Everyone has that one pair of jeans. That one pair of jeans, which has stretched just enough and contoured itself to its wearer’s body perfectly. When that one pair finally wears out or meets untimely mutilation, the search for a comparable pair is near impossible.

Enter Denim Revival, a Los Angeles-based store that specializes in Denim alteration and custom denim design.

Summation lead