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Software Engineer, free thinker , regular complainer.

Smartphones are synonymous with modern life we use them for communication, shopping, navigation and much more. But what if I told you that the slab in your hand could easily (at least specification wise) power an operation to put people on the moon?

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Lets attempt to justify that seemingly ludicrous statement by looking back in history and comparing the average specifications of modern smartphones to the famed Apollo 11 guidance system used to put humanity on the moon . . with some rough and ready comparisons:

CPU: Central Processing Unit, Processes operations, this is the engine of your device.


Generally teams working within an agile methodology work in two weeks sprints and complete a series of tickets that correspond to bug fixes & new features.

Sounds like a good system right? Allow me to provide a fake example of how it can go wrong:

Product Owner: I want a grid of images.

Ticket: Get a set of images from this * database of images * and display them in a grid.

Developer: * finishes feature*

Product Owner: Potential queries or things that could potentially come up:

  1. Some of the images are cut off partially by the box.
  2. Why have…

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You see it all the time on social media: Developer earns six figures, travels the world , gets a new top spec MacBook Pro every year and seems to have endless amounts of holiday , flexible working time, dresses how they want and so on and so fourth.

For the majority of Developers that is exactly what it looks like an unlikely fantasy.

Here’s 20 things they don’t tell you about being a Software Developer. (*rather crudely assembled).

Note: This is a mix of Satire & truth :).

  1. Most organisations REALLY enjoy buzzwords but fundamentally do not embrace what they…

You may or may not heard of Git, no not the old school English slang.

If you create software professionally or plan on doing so then you will most likely use it at some point. Likewise if you come into contact with Developers in your job in any capacity you may of heard it mentioned.

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What is Git?

Git is a distributed version control system, in short it’s normally used by Software Developers to track & manage changes to code in projects.


Have you ever written an essay on a computer and needed to undo something you did or get back to a…

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Most modern tech companies have embraced the Agile way of doing things. Many a manager will try and propose Agile as the one and only solution to all problems.

‘Why isn’t EVERYONE doing this its the best thing since sliced watermelon’ —Manager , large corp somewhere.

Agile introduces a forward and progressive way of developing not only software but company procedure, It really can make a huge difference to how both management and employees function.

Think of a company utilizing Agile everywhere like driving a car: You need to make continuous adjustments to drive around bends in the road, if…

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When you are learning to code specifically beginning your steps in HTML, CSS & JS. It’s tempting to take shortcuts. None more so than what I’m coining as ‘The Beginners Bootstrap Blunder’.

You’ve learnt the building blocks of HTML via a tutorial and want to start making those notepad like letters look pretty, heck you want to make a visual rocket. Many many guides will simply introduce you to bootstrap at this point and I believe they shouldn't. …

Escape the mid January blues and keep your goals on track.

Christmas passed, resolutions were written and carefully prepared for the traditional annual change. Twenty Nineteen begins and you’ve already fulfilled one, two or even a chunk of ‘the list’.

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But the daily struggles have built up again, life is full throttle once more.

Balancing work, friends, family, learning, pets, kids, hobbies and everything else has eaten away at your enthusiasm. Available free time is getting shorter and you’re starting to feel run down. . .

RELAX , This is normal and you are certainly not alone. …

Jordan Joe Cooper

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