We all have those ideas that we want to pursue, yet few actually tighten their belt and get down to business. Recently, I ‘tightened my belt’ and decided there was not more waiting around. Tired of waiting for things to happen that wouldn’t. Unless I put forth the effort it takes to make an idea come to life, these dreams will remain dreams.

It is quite a liberating feeling to go after a dream or an idea that has been in mind for so long. The process won’t be easy but there is nothing I could recommend more than pursuing something that you have always wanted to pursue. When the days become dull and blend together just look around and ask yourself, “How is all of this working towards what I want to do with my creativity?” If it isn’t working, give it up, it is not worth your valuable time. Your time is best spent doing what you are passionate about. The sooner you find your passion the sooner you may forget about income, lifestyle, and status. You will begin to focus on what is important, the ideas that you are bringing into this world for all to see. Expose yourself and be raw. Let the world know that your creativity is here to stay.

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