Lessons from over 100 interviews on either side of the table

There are many rumors and questions out there about tech interviews. I recently finished interviewing on-site at 10 different companies and happily signed with Google. Between this round and my last two jobs, I have conducted over 100 interviews and been interviewed over 100 times. Having been on both sides of the table, and learned a lot along the way, I want to share my thoughts on the reality of interviewing.

Succeeding or failing in an interview does not mean you would perform well or poorly in that role. Interviewers make broad generalizations about you with the limited information they…

analyzing AndroidWeekly data: Part One

The AndroidWeekly email digest is a fantastic way to stay on top of the latest Android news. Each week includes articles from the most popular and influential blogs as well as worthwhile reads from passionate developers. I’m not affiliated with AndroidWeekly, but I have found it very useful over the years and see it as a great way to take snapshots of the Android community overtime. This is the first part of a series I dive into the data from the AndroidWeekly archive. If you’re interested in the data and my analysis, check out the end of this post.

The 10 most influential blogs from the last year


How we catch bugs early and improve team communication

A good build process makes everyone’s lives easier. Running tests and static code analysis gives developers confidence and peace-of-mind. Product managers and QA benefit from automatically shared builds that clearly indicate changes. Thus automation also improves team communication. At eero, we’ve built on different tools and ideas to make a build process that we think is pretty great.

To truly make our lives easier, this build process needed to be:

  • Stable — The build process should always work
  • Comprehensive — Pull requests are tested; style checks and static code analysis run before merging
  • Communicative — Repetitive work that facilitates team…

…while separated by 8,000 miles and 13 time zones

It all begins with the desire to create. My friend and I just finished a short film despite being on opposite sides of the world and having almost no previous experience with moviemaking.

Our backgrounds have nothing to do with making movies. I am a software engineer working at a startup in Silicon Valley and Matthew is a consultant for multi-billion dollar conglomerate in India. I studied Social Studies in college and Matt studied History and Literature. But more importantly, we both like…

Small changes that made a big difference

I’m not a designer — I’m a developer who learned to love design. I discovered this passion while I interned at V1 Sports, where I applied some simple design principles to make improvements to a suite of Android apps.

Enter: The Functional Developer

Before I interned at V1 Sports, a sports motion analysis company with a suite of apps, I cared more about functionality and designing features than the user experience. I wasn’t purposefully ignoring design — I just didn’t know any better. On my first day at V1 I realized that the product had incredible video-editing features, but the design hadn’t gotten much…

Jordan Jozwiak

Android Auto @Google | formerly @geteero @DoubleDutch @Harvard | Lover of writing, movies, and photography

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