Letters to you

Do you remember when you told me you were waiting on a beautiful boy? To save you from your old ways. You need to realize, the by wS always he was always there, you watched him and come and let him go. Because you were unhappy with your life, unhappy with yourself. You distance yourself from any real interaction and went for temporary almost synthetic love. It’s time to wake up and realize what you are doing. You bash your sister for her choices and regret where she ended up but look where she is now, she has the strength to let go of the fake and pursue herself. No matter how hard it might have hurt or scared she might have been. You are both one in the same. Beautiful women blinded by your own personal demons and the criticisms of others. But you have the light in your, you have the strength to give others to never make the mistakes you did. But before you preach about regret and apologies. You need to find yourself. I did what I could to show you someone still cared, theres always a light for your end of the tunnel even if it isn’t through me. Because you have the potential for great things. Stop selling yourself short. Embrace you strength little light, because it has been there, it never left you and it never will. Our chapter maybe over and I may have no time left on this existence but you still have a lot to live and give for yourself, your sister and your little light. I was not forged in light but, in the chaos and savage upbringings of what the environment and became what I am. You might think i hate or regret meeting you little light but on the contrary. You showed me I can have light in me. So brush yourself off little light you’ve got work to do.

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