It’s funny, growing up they say you will find the one, if you work hard and show your undivided attention it will pay itself back. Well clearly the people who made me think that way are full of it. There is not light at the end of the tunnel. Just as the only true thing you have in life is death. It’s funny when you see or read things about people letting go, but the funny shit is. You were there, you bleed for them. You cared you cried, you begged only for them to give zero fucks. It’s funny how the people who “move on” never learned, they victimize themselves, and hurt good people in the cross fire. I laugh when I see people acting like they gotta move on. No, you gotta grow up first and own up to your faults. It hurts but that’s life. Just as you hurt others it’s time to come down your pedestal and feel the flames of your burned bridges. Feel the razor and the poison you gave others. False promises and false hopes. They say blue burns orange, but the truth is. You don’t deserve anything, what gives you any right to feel you have to move on when you made others hurt? When you ruined there lives because you chose to hide from yours. What kind of future can you bring to your offspring when all you do is victimize yourself. I know, i use to be that. I use to think a child could make things better hut I realized until, I chased my dreams, took rest and not settle. The more I realize that I mattered even if it’s to myself. I don’t burn bridges I keep them open until someone burns them. I have infinite patience to anyone who truly wants to learn. But have no respect for anyone who feels they are innocent.

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