Random Thoughts

Hola, So for today’s topic I figured I would discuss what my experience was like growing up only having a mother. While I know growing up as a single parent isn’t uncommon today’s world. I feel that growing up under the influence of just a mother than a both a father and mother helped shape my perspective on the world. First and foremost, my father was around, but mostly when it was convenient, and my mother, while not there, always was the influence as well as driving force in helping me grow up being a hard worker. This as never been an easy topic for me to discuss, and while a lot of people may feel that I had a not so swell childhood.

Honestly, having a mother who would sacrifice so much for me and my brother really showed me the realities of the world, and the compassion and efforts a mother would go through just to keep food on the table as well as, a roof over her heads. There are times where yes, I feel like I help a lot and I do not get recognition for especially when the other half puts not effort to help around the house. I stop to realize, “She never demanded any gratitude”, or, “She doesn’t expect anything in return”, what I grew to realize was that my mother never once expected anything from us but to just do what we wanted to do to succeed. That honestly took me a while to resonate into my head and helped me wonder if others feel as I do? In a world that is full of supposed, “father” figures. My mother was both mother and father, driving and influencing me to make the right choices, as well as not passing judgment on my errors but to be there to support me at my worst and celebrate with me at my best.

I never grew up having a “perfect family” but to be honest I am thankful to grow up knowing I had a strong influence figure that wasn’t of the same sex. I never grew up knowing the ideas of that a man is what rules a house but rather it is the person who is willing to do what they need to do to make it. So with all that being said, I wanna take the time to thank my mother and tell her, that despite all the bad and all the good I will always love you for everything you have done as well as, the sacrifices you have made to help me get to where I am today, and to support my choices rather than judge me as others have.