Running out of ideas

So it’s been a few weeks since I have started this blog and well, I think I am running out of ideas. Despite being very creative in my head it all seems to fizzle out on paper, or well in this case computer. I say this because I have no drive to do this, I feel as if I am just drawing blanks and have no passion behind my words. It becomes harder to even get close to writing the minimum required words for these weekly blogs and it is slowly becoming more and more of a concern. But I feel the issues draws deeper then just loss of passion, I feel no motivation to do anything anymore. I feel like quitting on a regular basis and my school work is starting to show it. Barely making deadlines, turning in subpar work knowing I can do so much better, It is becoming more apparent that this uphill battle is slowly becoming a plateau in which I cannot move from and that’s scary. My question is why? what causes me to do this, to constantly battle who I am at every chance I get, what makes me feel unworthy to do anything substantial with my life. While I can argue that I can blame it on my upbringing I know I really can’t I am not doing my due diligence like I use to when I started the semester and now am slowly facing the consequences of my actions. So what do I do? Do I just sit here? Do I bitch and moan? or do I do what I usually do, nothing and just watch things fall apart. It’s funny that in spite of saying I have no passion or drive I have found more to write in this entire post than I have in all my blogs. That all being said, I guess I will try to keep this updated about where I stand and how I do week by week, It might not be too late for me but who knows maybe I will give up, maybe I will be just another statistic who knows……who knows.