Kristi Coulter

I found this article interesting.

Kristi Coulter blames men and brings up dumb, disproven concepts like the wage gap, the patriarchy, “micro-aggressions” and the lower class blue-collared worker checking her out. But then she also blames women-at-large for being vapid, impressionable, and drunk… I guess? The whole article was an exercise in misanthropy.

Really she just sprayed-and-prayed her way through an article that attempts to critique modern life in general in hopes that something would stick. But with this method, she actually came close to hitting on a key point.

Coulter should have directly compared her drinking to the rest of the bullshit littered throughout her article (the “so cute” shoes, the repeated farmers market mentions, the very direct brand-name-dropping all over the place, etc.) and discovered that they are all the same form of escapism, the same form of materialistic consumerism that people seem to turn to in an effort to find and define themselves.

If the article is supposed to be about her looking for reasons as to why she felt the need to drink, she should also address why she feels attached to Facebook/Instagram, why she feels compelled to do “womens’” half-marathons, and why she seems to recognize and internalize brands and advertising to such a point that the first paragraph of the article makes multiple mentions of brands, billboards, and stores.

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