How to make an awesome connection with all your content

Its simpler than you think for almost all audiences…

Brands need a social identity more than ever.

In fact the drive is now getting so high for 2017 that it’s almost inverted in some cases where by (and prepare to throw up a little bit) Human 2 Human is the new word to be heard.

Content in every form is now so critically important to defining and enforcing a brands identity that if you can’t keep up with the big dogs on two+ unique blog posts a day, ten tweets a day, a V-log three times a week, Facebook posts, and lets throw a LinkedIn Pulse on to top it off as well- then according to the industry trends, you’re probably not going to see the growth or engagement you want.

One Time - Lets Talk About — Human 2 Human…

So why have i thrown this term out there?

In essence it’s due to the age we live in, and the digital relationships that have been formed.

Let me throw down an example.

Influencers: Millions upon millions of people don’t just ‘engage’ with a ‘content post’ or ‘have social interaction’ with a ‘strategically influential content creator in a key area’.

It’s a symbiotic relationship - If i get home from a hard day, and ‘Frankieonpcin1080p’ has posted a new video in the Day Z series, i’m ecstatic, it’s like my best mate has personally gone to the effort to meet me at the pub straight after work, bought me a pint, a bag of crisps and given me an exact 45 minute solution of awesome stuff that fixes all my problems and makes the entire night better as a result.

Viewership, watch time retention, and audience engagement aside I am directly elated that there’s a video up from him, and in turn i’m actively disappointed at the times when it’s been a bad day and there isn’t a video.

I’ll trust what Frankie says because i know he’ll tell me straight up at the beginning of the video if he’s been bought in any way whatsoever.

(Note: Content Terms have now changed on the YouTube end as well anyway making it non-optional to tell your audience whether the content is directly sponsored or not).

I enjoy the jokes he tells, that dude Sada he always co-games with, and most of all his attitude towards cinematic production and storytelling in the uncompromising fashion that only he seems to be able to produce so unbelievably well.

I am marketed too about anything and everything under the sun Frankie wants to advertise or talk about due to the relationship that he’s built with his viewers, with me, with his community.

And most importantly, which seems to be the most difficult for businesses these days— he has done it with astute consistency and focus!

To Build A Brand — How About Not Being A Brand?

Human 2 Human is basically defining a real relationship versus the fake one a brand wants you to have with them in order to buy from them.

Well unsurprisingly i don’t really relate to or aspire to be like a brand…

Screw, B2B or B2C, if you wonder why so many key influencers cost so much money to deliver your message through, do you maybe think it’s due to them kind of hating the corporate world themselves potentially?!

YouTube’s primary audiences are all exposed to many forms of video and content marketing constantly, but the general younger 7–25 age group a lot of its watch time accounts for, means that largely no matter what you’re selling, that person is there because of the creators they love, no matter what method you try and put into a 5 second slot before the video they actually want to see.

Also, consider the type of person that devotes their entire life and all of their time to self funding & building a following revolving around them and their beliefs, values, likes and dislikes as person.
Chance is they’re probably quite committed to not having a job ever again as well - especially after they’re following amasses past a certain threshold, whether that was due to their own successes or failures in the working world or a general determination and connection above and beyond what anyone else would allow them to pursue in business.

And yet under their own rules, from their mums house, on almost no budget, they’ve created a massive following, who respond better than most brands audiences to any message they tell, and more ironically than not the table turns, and brands need them more than ever do what traditional marketing no longer can in the same short time with such immediate influence and connection.

So What Content Does Every Business Need?

Well after reading the above you could follow X thousand brands and marketing agencies that could write you a concentric list for a team of marketing & content professionals to specifically fulfill week in week out to provide and prove statistical traffic and growth.

But in honesty - 1 person, 1 video a day, 1 message that stands out from the rest - might go further than an entire team ever could, and largely provide the one thing they all can’t…

A real relationship with their community - a human relationship.

Uncurated, unscripted, off the back of one person talking to another.

It’s a line of thinking that documentarians champion to truly deliver any type of thought provoking, controversial or life changing message within their work

You could buy out a creators channel, and make them split priorities in developing what they’ve made for themselves for years to then also do exactly the same for you, and in some cases it works i guess — but even then their audience will eventually know it’s a lie of sorts, and will feel the influence of others in the new channel which quite probably might just be enough to mar their experience in comparison to what they’re used to, which further strengthens and reinforces the creators original independent channel even more, not your brands.

Frankieonpcin1080p started out his original Arma 2 Day Z series doing long form episodic narratively driven content where by he had to specifically roleplay as: Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead within public servers.

I’m sure he didn’t know his 40 minute to 2 hour episodes and massively high watch time retention story driven playlists would play into YouTube’s organic SEO so heavily now in 2017 algorithm update that its unreal, for someone that releases as little as once a month i can fairly safely assume his passive growth rate from older content is phenomenal without even scratching on his current £1–3k self-funded episodes of Arma 3 Day Z Tanoa — Exile.

A business would frown upon content like this and very few marketing or production departments would allow the time to give this a consistent chance in such a niche specific area, yet if you want to talk about direct H2H results and statistics then who really is a better example than Frankie and his fanbase!?

Learn from him (This is a qualified lawyer, that’s a part time YouTuber)

I want to be told a story, one person to another, don’t operate for the directors of the company, the highest performing ‘How to make money on YouTube’ tags or the next potential viral trend -

Show me a Human 2 Human approach, come at me through a person i trust above and beyond any campaign you can launch… then watch the community that stands up behind your brands content.

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