And, a gift of Star Trek LGBTQ emoji that are free for all

In early 1994, I was an awkward and shy kid in middle school who had recently moved to a new town, where I had difficulty finding friends. As a way of escaping the bullying I was experiencing, I became obsessed with the newly popular AOL — and its roleplaying chat rooms, where I soon found friends and felt seen.

Over the course of the next few months — burning through all my AOL minutes every step of the way — I soon joined up with other Star Trek fans to start an ongoing roleplaying chat, where we made characters, commanded…

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With the new Outline VPN, it’s never been easier or cheaper to secure your internet connection. Stop procrastinating and set it up now.

A quick introduction to VPNs

“Use a VPN!” You may have heard that frantic instruction lately? And it probably means nothing to you? Let’s demystify it, starting with the most basic reason you’d want to use a VPN: Public WiFi networks — like the kind you connect to at coffee shops, libraries, and airports — are not very secure.

Imagine that a WiFi router is like the penthouse of a tall building, where each wall in the room has a big window. You walk into the room and sit down in a chair facing one of the walls. Down below you is Internet Land —…

Here’s my story of how easy it can be to vote when your state has the right voting policies in place.

I’m a California voter set to permanent “vote by mail” status. I thought that those of you who are standing in line other states on Election Day might be interested in seeing more of how an awesome voting system really works.

To start the process, I get a “sample ballot and voter information pamphlet” a month before the election. This includes information about everything on the ballot, which is useful for researching ahead of time. Here’s what it looks like:

Kindly, if Bayard Rustin has anything to say about it.

Originally posted on April 20, 2010, after this activism.

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It was a dreary April morning that opened the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. Rain was soaking the crowd, and many of the promised exhibits were not yet open at what was intended to be a cosmopolitan show of the United State’s industrial and commercial power.

Nonetheless, 10,000 people showed-up to marvel at a mechanical Abraham Lincoln, and other novelties. …

I have been a casual fan of the Google Photos product since it was part of Google+. Don’t get me wrong, please, I was not a fan of G+, but I did like the way it handled photos and I always wished it was a standalone product so I could really commit to it.

Now Google Photos is a standalone product. And it sucks.

I just got home from my honeymoon. Both my husband and I used our iPhones throughout the trip as our cameras. We don’t own any other cameras anymore…

This guy needs some help… seen on the way to work today.

Someone snapped a picture of a man’s truck and posted it on reddit. On the rear, it advertised the need for a kidney. The post was titled, “This guy needs some help… seen on the way to work today.”

I think my interest in kidney donation actually started with that Grey’s Anatomy episode where a bunch of people donate kidneys all at once. But it was always one of those things, you know, where your mind considers it for a brief moment, and then makes an excuse and promptly forgets?

This time, though, I saw that picture and … maybe…

The Human Rights Campaign’s compilation of the perfect-scorers from their Corporate Equality Index is so bad it’s almost farcical.

Every year, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — the oldest surviving gay lobbying group—puts out a “Corporate Equality Index,” (CEI) listing all the corporations that are alleged to be friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans people. In turn, HRC compiles the top-scorers from the CEI to form the list of the “best places to work.”

A strange list of qualifications—including meaningless gestures like having an “employee group or diversity council,” whatever that means—is used to score companies on the CEI. But from what I can tell, earning a perfect score doesn’t substantially require much more than a non-discrimination hiring…

Jordan Krueger

Organizer, activist, community builder. Former Director of Operations for CREDO Action.

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