It was an honor to be the First-Gen Faculty/Staff Feature for the Hokie Mentorship Connect Program. My answers (below) to questions about first-gen experiences were posted on the Empowering First-Gen Discussion Board Group.

PhDone! December 2018.

Current Title & Employer/Department:
Presidential Pathways Postdoctoral Fellow,
Department of Religion and Culture, Virginia Tech

Favorite Quote:
Do all the…

Reading “Plucked from obscurity: why bluegrass is making a comeback” by Emma Johns, I was delighted to find coverage of the bluegrass genre in mainstream publications such as The Guardian. The full story can be found here:

As I thought about the story Johns’ was telling, I began to…

McAfee Knob. photo by Jordan Laney

At any site on the landscape, multiple definitions of a place are continually in play among those who reside or visit there, sometimes convivial and sometimes antagonistic. Ideas of property, of homeland, of natural resources, of infrastructure; of city, county, school district, economic development zone, environmental hazard; of shit-hole, unspoiled…

Jordan Laney


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