Review of the Leica M6

Disclaimer: I am not a pro in anyway, just writing what I feel. Take it like a pinch of salt.

Here we go.

I manage to get my hands on the Leica M6.

When I held it for the first time, it was rock solid. Crafted with precise precision. Made for creating masterpieces. (like any other cameras. really.)

I paired it with a voigtlander classic 35mm F1.4



Being a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) person all my life (15 Years), I find it really hard to use a rangefinder. The patch in the middle is so hard to focus at times. Sometimes I would miss a moment because i couldn't see the reflection.


I was so used to looking at the viewfinder and framing the shot from using SLR. So with my first 3 shots, i didn’t notice the frame-lines and frame my shot with the whole viewfinder 0.72.

Loading the Film

I make some mistakes when loading my first roll, I was so into making sure i put the film starter (or whatever you call it) correctly that I forgot to check if the film is straight parallel to the shutter. So it was abit off and I didn’t know and went to close the cover, when i advance the lever, the film rewind level didn’t move. Shock of my life but I reload the film and everything is well.


Shooting was fine. But holding it was just…too much attention for me. The red dot and the name leica cause many photographer to look at me. And there is this dude that came up to me and told me “Nice! *point at Camera*”. When one has a Leica doesn’t make one a good photographer. (It’s not RPG that you wield legendary sword, you instantly become “OP”. +100 Strength)

I take really bad photos. If you were to see my insta stories. My food photos are always edgy blur.

I kind of feel that I am not worthy to hold it or use it. Given the mindset that people who use a Leica are experienced people.

But never ever feel unworthy of anything. The worst one can do mentally is to look down on oneself.

If it’s in your hands just use it to your fullest extend.

Saying that doesn’t mean I will recommend buying it. You can get the almost-same result with a cheap camera.

With the little time I have with the Leica M6. I would say I enjoy it.

Do comment or message me if you have any questions. With the little knowledge I have, i will help you.

Here are some of my favorites.

Shot with Kodak colour plus (Not to my liking at all, too saturated)

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