Sprint: Device Prototyping

This is a short comic we created to show how our prototype could improve the lives of families.

In this week’s studio we got the opportunity to work with littleBits and create a prototype for a given scenario. We decided to focus on children learning how to cook because a huge problem they face is forgetting to turn off the stove once they’re done cooking which can be dangerous. We then thought of an idea of creating a temperature based system that would sit on top of the stove. Once the stove reaches a certain temperature it would flash a light for 30 seconds and if the button is not clicked then a loud buzz would go off and turn off the stove.


LittleBits was definitely something I have never done but it was a fun experience and it really allowed us to think through problems and develop ideas. The practice examples were easy but once we got to the main project it got difficult because it was hard to figure out what pieces went well with each other. I would recommend to give us harder examples to prepare us for the main project because the examples were simple tasks like build a flash light. It would also be useful to give us a little more time to work with the littleBits set but overall it was a great studio.

What would you recommend people do before starting a littleBits project?

I would definitely recommend reading the instructions and seeing what each piece does because you can definitely get stuck if you only know how to use 2 to 3 parts. It would also be good to mess around and make little things because once you figure out how to do little things you can combine the things you know to make something even bigger. Also don’t feel ashamed if your project isn’t amazing because it just a prototype and not the main device yet.

This is the final model of our prototype which we also labeled to show everyone what piece does what.
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