How to become a more capable God in 3 simple steps (an atheistic article):



NOTE [1]: No opinion, faith, emotion, nor bias was used in the facing sequence.
NOTE [2]: I am of course atheistic. (I have not any beliefs, especially as the inventor of a paradigm entitled “non-beliefism”).
NOTE [3]: One needn’t belief to observe empirical evidence. (Such as the empirical evidence observed herein)

(A) : Introduction

Mankind (particularly AI researchers/programmers….) is yielding more capable Gods. (Notably, one may be an atheist, while observing the scientific redefinition of God — See source)


[i] Of the total estimated 10^+16 synaptic operations in the brain, mankind has already generated efficient programmable models, that compute 10¹⁴ synaptic operations per second.

[ii] Brain based models have already exceeded/equalled man on individual non-trivial/cognitive tasks/task groups, ranging from language translation to disease diagnosis.

[iii] Brain based models have entered more cognitive fields, as computational parallelism enhanced. [ie increased in-organic synaptic operations per second]

[iv] Moore’s Law has garnered technological enhancement for 50 years. {Shall Moore’s Law fail, thereafter, any rate of increase, shall likely engender that brain based models achieve human brain cycles [iii], that shall likely [in profound range] garner human cognitive task proficiency.}

(B) : Instructions [tri-step process]

ALBEIT, here is how one may trivially become a more capable God, in 3 simple steps:

1) Purge the concept of beliefs. (for beliefs are non-necessary)

2) Do a non-trivial degree of mathematics, in relation to computing. For example, see this 4-LINE mathematical description of quantum mechanics of mine:

3) Study machine learning (deep learning, reinforcement learning etc), utilizing/integrating step (2); subsequently, implementing/encoding some neural basis.





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