Should Mothers Be Working Women

By Jordanna Drego

This is a topic, as you undoubtedly know,

Will cause a lot of controversy, and probably end up in a row.

As a growing lad, my opinion I give,

To enlighten young mothers with children who live.

Should mothers be working women?

I definitely say no.

You may not agree with me,

But I’ll give it a go.

Working mothers are so busy,

Earning money you see.

Supplementing the family’s earnings,

There’s no time for me.

The servant is waiting, or grandma maybe,

When I want my mother, she’s not there for me.

I’m told she’s making money to give me the best,

To send me to a good school with tuitions and the rest

There’s also money to buy the latest games,

And go on exotic holidays, so I shouldn’t complain.

But what I do miss is my mummy each day.

She’s so tired when she comes home,

There’s no time to play.

No time to listen to my emotions & fears,

So I end up confiding it all to my peers.

I grow silent, withdrawn and teachers say, “I’m shy.”

At parents day they ask, and want to know why.

How can I explain, I’ve bottled it all inside

It’s now part of my character, they think it’s pride.

When I start to take drugs and smoke later in life.

She’s angry and says, “Is this the way you repay all my strife?”

I’m silent, say nothing like I’ve done all along

Communication was alien at home, like a played out song.

I’d rather do with less in life

And have my mother at home to confide

To share my ups and downs with me

Never to say, son I’m too busy.

I’ll end with this famous priceless pearl

“The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”