The Turbulent Teens

by Jordanna Drego

As I approached my teen years, I heard a lot of people say

You are now approaching adolescence, be careful all the way.

My parents too they cautioned me, you need to be careful son

It’s the hormones your body generates

That brings out the rebel in one.

I know they mean well for me

They often see it around

The lack of respect in teens today

For their parents, teachers, professors & nearly everyone.

The aggressiveness that comes out is evident to see

The way they answer back.

Their speech unfortunately gets tainted too

With swear words which they never lack.

Their wardrobe never seems to be enough

They want the latest brands

It costs the earth, but they seem unfazed

It’s going out from mum & dad.

The teens they seem to love it

This way of life I mean

You must be cool man, I hear them say

It’s the IN thing.

This grim scenario was my lot, I thought

As I approached my teens

But then again I had a choice to make

Did I really want to be like these?

I began to ponder and think

Life was wonderful all along

I got on fairly well at home and school

With respect, obedience, love, tolerance for everyone.

Why should I let these hormones affect me?

I am now prepared for them

I’d rather be like I was before

Living in harmony with everyone.

So my 13th birthday it came & went

And I’m still the same old lad.

I’m secure in taking direction from those above me

Knowing that they know best & I’m loved & cared.

And so these words to you parents & friends

Who are afraid of the turbulent teens

It’s what you make of it, you have a choice

And I’ve chosen the better deal.