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Much of the conversation around abortion rights inevitably morphs into a discussion about birth control, and without fail swarms of people in congress (and on Twitter) decide to take it upon themselves to explain why access to certain types (or all types) of birth control should be restricted. This has always baffled me, since abortion medication and birth control are not the same thing, and access to affordable birth control has been proven to reduce abortion rates. Apparently the high of rummaging through people’s medicine cabinets makes that information seem irrelevant.

Recent conversations have brought birth control alternatives to light, specifically vasectomies. The vasectomy is not a new idea, but women have been bringing it up more frequently as part of the Pro Choice perspective. The argument is that if men were really concerned about preventing abortions they would all get vasectomies, and the fact that they aren’t all racing to the doctor to do so proves that they only care about the body autonomy of men. …

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I’ve always felt uneasy about how one should really feel about “celebrity” deaths. When an actor, writer, or musician you love dies, going through a full-on mourning process seems inappropriate. Maybe you had the opportunity to meet them or interact at an event, but at the end of the day you didn’t have a personal relationship with them, and they wouldn’t know you if you passed them on the street. I can understand feeling bummed out, but most reactions are extreme to me, especially when the person’s body of work still exists for the world to continue to hold dear.

I think I understand it a little better now, though my feelings around it are still complicated. …

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Barr’s summary of the Mueller report left a lot to be desired. Trumps allies have claimed it as a complete victory, while his opponents are wringing their hands in disappointment and concern. Regardless of your personal feelings, let us please all acknowledge this simple truth: the idea that the Mueller report exonerates Trump is a laughable exaggeration.

We know from Barr’s statement that Trump did not collude with Russia, and Mueller’s team is one that should be trusted with that assessment. While this is good news, it still is a fairly low bar to set — a president not conspiring with foreign actors should be a standard assumption, and the fact that it took nearly two years to come to that conclusion should still be cause for concern. …


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