A Special Thanks

Well Everyone…We did it!

We raised $4,500.oo on Indiegogo and then some, and we could not have done it without the help of our ever so generous donors! We are extremely excited and humbled by the success of our campaign and the support of our fans. It is our promise to all of you who have put your faith in us that we will not disappoint. Now that we have reached our goal, the journey is just beginning!

We have a lot to accomplish in the up and coming weeks, and we have high hopes for the outcome of this film. We want YOU (yes, you!) to be there with us throughout this adventure, whether it is checking up on our Twitter or Instagram, or checking out the Indiegogo page for updates. We will do our best as a company to remain as transparent as possible to our Fans, because without all of you, we wouldn’t even be writing this! So what’s next? On May 1st, Maui and Jordan are hopping on a flight to Miami to gather some equipment for filming in a couple weeks. Once they get back, it’s crunch time.

Have any questions for us? Come talk with us LIVE tonight at 7:30 on the Meerkat App! You can ask us any questions about the film, our progress, or what we had for lunch yesterday! We just want to talk to you!

LIVE Q&A Session: http://t.co/JgTSPNdjyw


The Valley Films Team

LIVE Q&A Session: http://t.co/JgTSPNdjyw

Check up on our Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (@Valley_films) for more details, and we hope to see you tonight!