Simple Upside

I have a secret love of trying to become an early adopter. It has a major upside if you find yourself being the pioneer on a new platform. Get the jumpstart on the majority of people, become an expert on the platform and wait patiently.

We’ve seen it happen with Youtube in 2007, Vine, Beme, Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope. The majority of the population will scoff at the platform at first because there aren’t enough users. The ones who are now [Insert Social Media] Famous” have been there from the beginning (usually).

The latest opportunity comes in the form of an audio-only social network: Anchor

A Refreshing Interaction

As the last guy in the world, I still prefer phone calls over texting. I am a terrible speller and often I communicate better with my tone of voice than with emojis. Now, I’m not dismissing the current way we communicate- I embrace it 100%.


But with Anchor, we have a way to integrate the personal one-on-one of a phone call with the simplicity of a tweet. At this point, I want to evoke Beme’s and Periscope’s philosophy of raw sharing: be authentic! Anchor allows for 2nd takes but there’s just something homey about hearing someone’s umm’s and uhh’s as they communicate with you.

Quick Tips:

Remember your Vine tactics:

  • Start with the BIG Categories
  • Treat the caption like the title of your blog post: With Love and Care
  • Use 2–3 Hashtags and usually include one of the main categories

Note: Anchor Founders have said to avoid spam-hashtagging

There’s a lot of ground to be gained quickly because Anchor is in its VERY early stages of development. Make it a mission to become a niche Anchor user.

Dibs on #Filmmaking!

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