Film Funding

Finding funding for your film is incredibly challenging. The investors or sponsors only want you if have the skills and potential of making their investment back with big or at least some returns.

Before the Pitch:

  • Screenplay
  • Film’s Business Plan
  • Distribution/Marketing Plan

Private Investing-

This is an investor, investment board or your friend’s rich uncle. These investors are looking to earn a return on their investment; breaking even is NOT good in their mind. If they have Exec. Producer experience, listen to their advice.

Make your expectations completely clear and make sure they have been completely clear. A mutual understanding of the terms is imperative.


Similar to private money, but instead of a return or dividend, they are looking for marketing, exposure, and branding. What gets complicated is when your film may tread on some controversial topics that don’t align with your sponsor. They could pull their funding or sponsorship overall if they feel that their brand is at risk. It sucks but it happens.

Funding is bittersweet: Your movie is funded…but you have to be ever-so-careful with someone else’s money. Scary AF.

  • Make expectations clear
  • Get it in writing
  • Walk away from the deal if pressured or the terms are one-sided

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