If you were alive today, I really would love the pleasure of meeting you. I am not sure if you are aware of it, but you left a permanent mark as an inspirational director and imaginative storyteller on our society. Your works are unique and yet aesthetically pleasing to any film fanatic’s eye. Allow me to elaborate.

The way that I was introduced to your work was through stumbling across a list of 501 films that I need to watch before I die. Interestingly enough, this was not until my early college years. Why I never saw your works before beats me. As of 2015, I have only seen two of your films; Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket. In my discovery of all film and the great directors of American film, I should watch more. Your films, different and perplexing, show exquisite detail in story, character and shows aspects of the world around us.

My first dive into your works was with your last project, Eyes Wide Shut, which was an interesting first choice. I was unaware of the provocative and sensitive nature of the film, but that is what’s unique about it. The story is strangely artistic and intriguing for viewers to see an inside scoop at nightmarish fantasies. The idea of fantasy, love and the darkness that overcomes our emotion when it comes to relationships is powerfully shown in this film. Even though the story itself is odd, the life and vision that this film showed the world of your creativity is something that you should feel great about leaving life with.

I only watched the other film, Full Metal Jacket, just recently and wrote a film review of it. It’s interesting how you mixed humor with dark material (against the harsh backdrop of the Vietnam war) which was ingenious. The Drill Sergeant is an iconic military hardhat who is noted as one of the best of his kind in our modern day and age. One of my favorite aspects from the film was your use of cinematography in the harsh atmosphere and at moments, you use some of the most obscure musical choices. The contrast works beautifully in your favor, so well done.

Your other notable classics are some of the most recognizable films in all of film history. People praise your works constantly as timeless; exhibit A, The Shining as being the ultimate horror film of all time. Your cut-throat perfection on every line and shot proved your grittiness and seriousness as a director. 2001: A Space Odyssey, innovated the world of science fiction and took the Hollywood industry by storm and into the future. A Clockwork Orange twisted the hearts and minds of viewers and dove into a dark underbelly of dystopian films. Even some of your early classics such as Dr. Strangelove as well as your shorts and documentaries, should not be overlooked either by film fanatics.

In short, you are a genius. Your films have spawned a new generation of thinking outside the box and innovative movies. Your passing in 1999 was too soon and you are sorely missed everyday. Your work and your vision will live on in the films that you created and we are ever grateful for your inspiring vision. So thank you, Mr. Kubrick. Thank you for all you have done.


A fellow film fanatic