It’s time for a camera gear upgrade and it has been a long time coming.


The Sony A7 lineup has been rattling the filmmaking camera market. With the announcement of the A7sII, it seems like all of our wishes have come true.

  • Internal 4K
  • S-Log3
  • SteadyShot
  • High-speed recording

For small projects and indie shorts, this would absolutely be my weapon of choice. Just make sure you bring extra batteries.

Prosumer Cinema

I’m going with the Canon C100. I’ll leave the Mark 1 or Mark 2 up to you because either version is a workhorse on set. Professional audio hookups allow for internal, clean audio without the need to sync. The Mark 2 version solved all of the problems from its predecessor (LCD flip screen, eyecup, and 60fps).

Rating: SOLID. Rock Solid.

Cinema Camera

Now, I’m going to keep this decision from being ridicuolous when it comes to price. Of course, I would choose the ARRI Alexa or RED Dragon but c’mon…

What’s your next upgrade going to be? Comment Below.