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Jan 2 · 2 min read
Understand which part of the video production industry is best for your work personality and life priorities.

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You may be heading into the workforce. Being fresh out of film school, or college or you’re ready to stop freelancing and get a “real job”, here’s a personal guide and experience. I’m now able to say that I’ve worked in all three of these types of work environments.

And I’ll say my opinion on which is the best at the end of the video.

Here’s what to expect:

Small Business

($1 million revenue or less per year)

  • Team 1–3
  • Solo, partnership, or small group
  • Agile, quick, small budgets
  • Lots of hands-on experience as a new person starting out
  • Lacks benefits, proper working hours, proper business standards

Medium Business

($1–10 million revenue)

Team of 3–10 people

  • Expanded team yet still small
  • Multiple managers, maybe even dept. heads
  • Shares some of the same working conditions of the small business
  • Able to handle larger projects due to expanded bandwidth
  • You’re still able to be both high concept and ditch digger
  • Able to access larger equipment too
  • Pay is decent, some benefits, not a perfect system

Large Business

($10 million+ revenue)

  • Team of 10 or more
  • Robust department heads and division of labor
  • Greater pay, greater benefits
  • A little more hands-off
  • More politics and more red tape
  • Meetings galore

Final Thoughts

These three types of business appeal to us all in various ways. Some more than others and as you get older, some that don’t seem attractive become the preferred.

The large business will frustrate you with its slowness to change, it’s politics and living the idea of the “cushy job”

If you have a low tolerance for risk, you’re in need of more money and benefits, then the large business has you covered with safety, stability, and longevity.

There’s nothing wrong with small, medium or large businesses in video production, what’s most important is understanding yourself, your personality and what drives you when you’re at work. I’ve worked in all three of these environments and it took the life experience to know which one fits my personality best.

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