Our Filmmaker’s Wishlist for 2015

What’s up Holiday Fools! Let’s dive into this year’s holiday wish list.

Find all of these gifts here: http://goo.gl/nVimrZ

1. Sony FS5- 4K Cinema Camcorder

Price: $5,599.00

This hybrid model of the FS line has taken a step down from the FS7 but certainly has not stepped down in quality. It records 4K video, has slo-mo video and records to SD cards. This means you won’t have to convert and/or throw away your current SD cards to get CF cards or, the even more expensive CFast 2.0 cards.

2. Xeen Lens Kit

Price: $7,485.00

From the makers of the Rokinon Cinelens, we now have these Big Boys here! All of the Cinelens features that you’d like from Canon Cine or Zeiss but for a HUGE fraction of the cost. Get it? Got it. Good!

3. Lumu Power Light Meter

Price: $150.00
This Kickstarter project is in full production bringing an accurate and affordable light meter. Did I mention that this thing is accurate? Go ahead, grab a pro light meter and compare. You will be stunned.

4. Kinoflo Light Kit

Price: $2,824.95
Kinoflo offers one of the most versatile soft yet powerful sources of light. These things kick ass!

5. Lanparte Shoulder Rig

Price: $1,790.00
Not too popular, but we’re looking at a “damn solid” piece of rigging. Totally customizable and can fit your budget. And it’s green so that’s cool too!

Honorable Mentions:

C-Stands- $149.00 (Gimme, gimme, gimme!)
Color Gels- ~$40
Diffusion Sheets- ~$40
Butterfly Frame- $654.95