considerate, polite and compassionate
Not My President (1/3)
Jordan Pine

Or being concerned with “harm and fairness” and favoring “benevolence, nurturance, equality [and] social justice.” These are Liberal values, according to Moral Foundations Theory as outlined in this article in The Atlantic. The same theory says Conservatives are about “group loyalty, authority, and purity,” which sound a lot like Alpha qualities to my military-trained ears.

Like several items of my list, then, perhaps I am just describing Democrats and Republicans in different ways? Most Democrats are Liberals, and Liberals are Leftist/modern socialists with Beta values (according to MFT). Most Republicans are the reverse. In this light, the Talker/Doer characterization would become the locus of any debate about my lists’ validity, and I readily admit I would be on partisan ground in trying to defend it.

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