This is insane and beneath your intelligence.
surya yalamanchili

This is a fascinating topic and a great question to attack at some point in the future: What effect, if any, does a president have on employment and the stock market?

I assume by your use of the word “insane” (twice), and the implication my point is stupid, you believe a president has little impact on employment and the market?

I recently asked financial columnist Jonathan Clements a variation of this question. Here’s the exchange …

Me: Was the Obama recovery reversion to the mean? And does that mean the ‘Trump Bump’ is his doing?
Clements: W/o 2009 stimulus, the market recovery would likely have been more muted. W/o chance of lower corporate taxes, perhaps a smaller Trump Bump.

So both Obama and Trump get credit in his view. I agree with that.

My current view is based on this quote from Peter Mallouk, founder of wealth-management firm Creative Planning:

“Stock prices are always a reflection of anticipated future earnings.”

This implies something that we both know is true. The market reflects corporate and investor confidence in the future, and I think it’s insane to deny President Trump has had an impact on that. Beneath your intelligence, really. :-)

Seriously, though … if Trump is not responsible for the rising stock market, who is?

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