Full day in Paris (part 2)

We when from one metro stop to the next and found ourself in front of the opera house 😍

From there we went to the rooftop to see the sights of Paris😍

The rooftop we hung out on was actually the top of an extremely high end mall that was a sight to see in itself.

Christmas threw up…

After we took that in…We hopped back on the metro to the most iconic sight in Paris

Where I finally checked off one of my bucket list ideas 😊 that’s right I wanted to fight with baguettes under the Eiffel Tower 😂🙌🏻. Of course we had to go to the top!

Pretty neat if I say so myself🤓✌🏻️

Later that day we walked along the Champs-Élysées to the arc de triomphe

And of course we had to go to the top! The struggle was real for that one 😅

Well worth it😯 Going down the stairs was surprising harder than going up them. After we called it a night and went back on our way!