Compendium of Work

Over the past year I have been exploring and writing about the intersection of advanced technology and medicine, as well as the effects of regulation on those fields. I am interested in how technology can merge with medicine to democratize medical decision making, empower patients to participate in the treatment process, and promote better health outcomes for more patients at lower and lower costs.

For my own future reference, and for the benefit of my readers, I am writing this post as an ongoing catalog of my work on these topics. What follows is a topically arranged compendium of blog posts and op-eds that I have written relating to my main passion of technology and medicine. Enjoy!

To the reader: if you ever happen upon stories related to the topics you see below and you believe I would be interested in them, I invite you to share them with me. I would love to hear from you! I am sure you will catch things that I have missed and that would be valuable for me to know and to write about. Find me on Twitter @jtreimschisel or comment on my posts here at Medium. Thanks!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Advances

That AI You Hate, You Really Love” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

That Robot Saved My Life

AI, Welcome to the White House



Safe Enough

Food and Drug Administration

FDA Needs a Fresh Approach, and Fast” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

Insurance costs just the tip of the iceberg. Time to reform the FDA.” Co-authored with Dr. Robert Graboyes

Opening the Door for Medical Innovation” Co-authored with Dr. Robert Graboyes

The True Goal of the FDA Should Be Drug Innovation

Toward Patient-Centered Policy

When it comes to tobacco and cigarettes, people are smarter than you think

“A Full Toolbox Will Speed Regenerative Medicine” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

“‘Build & Freeze’ Regulation Versus Iterative Innovation” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

Gottlieb at One

4 FDA Revelations to Watch

False Hope


Will Genetic Editing Advance Faster Than Our Ability to Regulate It?” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

Ignoring the Future Won’t Forestall It” Co-authored with Chris Koopman

“Might We Avoid a CRISPR Technopanic Altogether?” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

“Breaking Genetic Technology Out of Regulatory Limbo”

“Genetic Modification Does Not Equal Selective Abortion”

“A Model Roadmap for Genome Education” Co-authored with Adam Thierer

Most Americans Have No Idea How Genetic Technology Works — It’s About to Change Everything

Congress Gets Science-y

The Blistering Pace of Genetic Medicine

Advanced Medical Technology: Four Burgeoning Issues From 2017

The FTC Should Safeguard Our Genetic Privacy

Germline Editing Objections — Vol. 1

Germline Editing Objections — Vol. 2

Germline Editing Objections — Vol. 3

Germline Editing Objections — Vol. 4

Quibbling Over Definitions

Tracking a Killer

Personalized Medicine

The Creative Destruction of Medicine: A Book Review

Technology Could Enable Personal Medicine Whether We Like It Or Not

Technology Policy

The Middle Ground

You Are Not a Lottery Ticket

Scientific Superpowers