Homework 10.3

Advertisement: Turbotax

  1. Visual effects used to describe location are comical medieval castle mixed with current time period era city.
  2. Sound effects used are when Humpty Dumpty falls and has a cracked egg. Gross, comical egg goo. Also, police skids to scene where Humpty has fallen. All done for comical effect.
  3. Format is purely comedy and slight mature humor, as it deals with taxes.
  4. Initially, the viewer sees two medieval era soldiers find a wounded Humpty Dumpty as modern day police arrive. In a CSI or Law and Order style setting, people discuss that he fell because he was doing his taxes. As the news cover the event, more and more people are surprised with the fact that Humpty was doing taxes on the wall, which seems crazy as taxes are normally done at home. But, thanks to Turbotax, it’s much easier, and can be done on a wall.
  5. Target audience is young adults who are learning taxes, and have an easy and fun sense of humor.
  6. Benefits offered are streamlined and easier methods for completing taxes.
  7. There is a call to action. “Turbotax anywhere, anytime”, which is essentially a call to action in addition to an explanation of it’s use.
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