5 Reasons Why I Hate High School

By Jordan M

Aw high school, where kids to go learn. Well, not really. Learning is kind of a secondary thing in school. We go to classes to stay at the school. What happens after class is what is really insane.

Fights and Drugs are very present

I am a freshman in high school. So about 15 years old. I am almost done with this year and I am kind of done with high school already. I may be just in the early stages of my high school career, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff. Let’s just see how many reasons I can think of ( In no particular order ) Let’s begin.

1. Disconnection from old friends

This one I really dislike. Ok. People begin to figure out who they really are in high school. They might figure out what they are into, or who they want to hang out with, or even what they want to do in life. In general, people change during high school. They may not want to hang out with their old friends anymore because they don’t share anything in common. Even if two people still want to be friends, they may not see each other at all during the day due to their schedules. Sure you will lose some friends during high school, but you will make some new ones as well.

2. Fights

Watch your backs for this one because this will happen a lot. You may not be in a fight but you will see a lot of them. This year I probably have seen maybe 5 or 6 fights happen on Snapchat alone. Sooner or later, someone will piss you off enough that you will want to fight them. Trust me it’s going to happen. Fights are very popular in high school and will pass on quickly. You may think no one heard about your fight but someone is bound to spread the news. And also, you will probably get suspended so watch out for that too.

3. Drugs

High school is easily one of the easiest places to get drugs. Sure your school might have security guards but it’s still insanely easy to get connected to drugs in the school. I have close to 3000 students in my school and it’s insane how many of them do drugs, some of them even do it on campus! From dealing at school, or becoming friends with someone who does drugs, drugs are everywhere in a high school environment.

4. Bullying

This one just isn’t cool. Even if its just teasing online it’s not alright. Their is a lot of bullying that goes on during school. Thankfully, I have not gotten bullied this year, at least I don’t think so. If you are getting bullied, please ask for help.

5. Racism and Suppression

This is something huge. Kids are dicks, major dicks. Racism is very present in high school. All these slurs getting thrown around the school. Some of them are jokes but not all of them.

Tip For Current High School Students:

Relax, and have fun. Don’t do something you’d regret. Don’t fall into peer pressure, be safe and comfortable. And for grades, you’re more than just a number.