Catering Alumni Weekend in Cville :) — 12/8/16

So it’s Thursday, December 8th and last I wrote, a subcontractor was supposed to start the buildout on 12/1, can you guess what happen?!?! Nothing, nothing happened, the subcontractor didn’t show up so the buildout still hasn’t started. The CEO of 068 (my partner) immediately called that morning when the subcontractor didn’t show up and let me know. He said he’d left several messages and texts but hadn’t heard anything yet. He then called me immediately when he heard from them and turns out their foreman was sick and they couldn’t find another. Same thing happened the next day. I was already driving down to Charlottesville because it was frisbee alumni weekend. I had decided to not worry about it and just have fun over the weekend.

The super exciting thing that happened last week was I FINALLY GOT THE PICKUP TRUCK LAST TUESDAY! I had originally not wanted to go with Ford but after experiencing problems with most other dealers it finally made sense to pick them. They had traded with another dealer for the truck I wanted and were waiting for me to come pick it up. I REALLY wanted to say ‘no’ to them but I finally went in and got it because I couldn’t wait any longer. They did give me a ridiculously good deal and the F150 is the most sold truck in America so I probably made the right choice. I drove the truck down to Charlottesville and that’s when I fell in love with it. I’m really happy with my decision and it was a great road trip.

As I said, last weekend was frisbee alumni weekend and I had somehow convinced them to let me cater the large meal for everyone on Saturday which was awesome. It was so much fun to serve all of my friends the amazing chili :) (except the classic beef and pork might’ve been a bit too spicy but whatever). So that was the first event I had done in a couple weeks but we had a few more lined up in December. We are vending outside of a brewery tomorrow night and then have the Bloomfield winter market on Saturday.

The main thing I completed this week was decide on my accountant and have the first meeting with them. I provided them all the documents needed to get my account set up and discussed some problems I’ve been having with payroll. It all turned out fine and I’m really happy I finally got that done. Lastly, I called my partner today and just kinda laid it on him. I’m pretty fed up with how long it’s taking considering I was first promised it would be done 2 months ago and the building hasn’t even started. We decided we needed to sit down and have a real conversation about the future. The meeting is scheduled for Monday and we will see how it goes!

Alright, well I need to start prepping for the batch we are making this weekend. Hope the events go well and we sell lots of chili! Have a good weekend everyone :)