First Two Days of Employee Training — 10/13/16

Shortly after I wrote the last blog something pretty tragic happened in my life — my cat of 8 years, Bijou, was killed by a dog that lives two houses down. It was very sudden, I was watching tv with one of my roommates when I received a call from Animal Control saying Bijou was deceased. It more or less paralyzed me. I couldn’t leave the couch for a good hour after confirming it was her and the animal control guy left her at the house. This cat really meant a shitload to me and I’ve been through alot with her. For that reason, amongst others, I don’t really remember what I did on Monday and Tuesday.

During those two days, I know that I prepped for the employee training and did a little work for my side job but I was definitely going through the motions. I also spoke with a couple other shared community kitchens. The one I was originally talking to barely has any open time in their schedule and is the most expensive so doesn’t make a lot of sense. I was able to work out a deal with two other kitchens so that I would have space for training and for the events I would be catering in the next month. One of those two I will be using as my commissary for the truck. The other one is a church that I will use very infrequently because of restrictions they have. Training is in the church on Monday and then the commissary on Tuesday. I’m really excited about the commissary because it’s way less expensive than the original kitchen and the time is more flexible. I’m working out the final details now and am meeting a health inspector tomorrow to make it official.

On a more exciting note, I started employee training yesterday! However, the first day was actually not that great :(. Only two of the four employees were able to make it so the energy was pretty down for most of the time. The main thing we did was start studying for their food handling certificate and then I let them go early as a result of not being very productive. After the training, the CEO of 068 and I went over to the lawyer’s office to sign the papers so now it’s completely official — we are a business! After that I drove over to my future commissary to take a look at the kitchen and see if it was something I could work with. Which I obviously found out it was because now it will be my commissary :). I filled out the paperwork to become a caterer using that kitchen, sent it to the health department and immediately received a response this morning to set up a meeting. Receiving a response from the health department that fast is absolutely unheard of, it usually takes 3–4 weeks to get one… We were able to set up the meeting for tomorrow to get all the paperwork done which was astonishing and fucking amazing.

The training today was way better than yesterday. First of all, all four employees were there which was dope. We spent the first 2.5 hours finishing up the studying for the food handler certificate then they all took the test immediately and everyone passed, WOOOOOO!!! That was really awesome so it put me in a great mood to serve them some dank chili which is always fun. We spent the rest of the day doing paperwork, some goal setting and then going over the food flow in the truck. After training, I met an event coordinator to give her a check I owed her for the event next Saturday. Then, I stopped by Restaurant Depot and got my official member card, also WOOOO!!! The last dope thing that happened today was I got a call from my future protege.

I found out about my protege at the event I catered last Friday at 068. I met one of the employees of Community Kitchen (the group that did the food handler training for my employees) and I told him about the business and some of my goals for it. He immediately said one of the students would be perfect for me. He’s a 19 year old kid who only wants to work in the food industry and has dreams of owning his own food truck or restaurant. I was like “THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR!!” So I’ve been trying to connect with him for most of this week and he finally called me today. He’s definitely interested so he’s coming to training on Monday and Tuesday and we will see if he wants to continue with us, which I’m sure he will :).

Similar to the end of my last post, the past 5 days have been quite a rollercoaster ride. Took a pretty big hit before the week even started and it’s been pretty hard to brush that off. I’m reminded she’s missing every time I walk in the door and my beautiful baby isn’t there to meet me. I know I will be able to get past it eventually but it’s really hard right now. Like when I came home today after two very long days I could’ve really used her gorgeous, meowing face to greet me. But alas, I’ve been told everything happens for a reason and she’s in a better place now. I’m excited for this weekend to relax and decompress, I’ll write some more on Saturday or Sunday to reflect on the week but goodbye until then. Hope everyone has a good Friday tomorrow :).

In loving memory of my beautiful baby Bijou.