Follow-up from 7/7–7/8/16

Not much is happening today, I actually never got on a call with 068 because they kept pushing it back and then I had my appointment to finish my tattoo :) so wasn’t able to make it work. I wish I could be mad about them keep pushing back meetings since we first met two weeks ago but I absolutely could not be doing this without them so I’m too grateful to be mad. And we still have some time right now until things will be getting crazy.

So far today, the main thing I’ve done is figure out what needs to happen for phase 1 of the design to be completed and set the date for next Friday of when it’ll be done. So I then sent a few emails to make that happen. Mainly talked with kitchen equipment supply companies to get their catalogs so I can pick out exactly what I want in the trailer and let the design people know. I also organized my to do list a little better so I have a good idea about what I need to do. There’s a few things I could do but I think I’m going to take a mostly chill day and do some work tomorrow morning. Jordan out.