Is It A Pre-Built Trailer Now…? — 12/12/16

I can’t believe I’m writing so soon after my last one…

So we actually ended up having three events this weekend because of a spur of the moment decision on Friday. We prepared the veggies on Thursday then cooked at the kitchen on Friday. While we were cooking, 068’s social media guy stopped by to take a few pictures. We started chatting and he ended up telling me most of his life story. It was great to hear and turns out he is super connected in the event community in Pittsburgh because of his photography. He was a great person to connect with and I’m really excited to see what business he can help us with in the future!

We arrived at the brewery with our four types of chili, cornbread and toppings. We were vending from 5PM-9PM and it was super fucking cold. While we were vending, one employee found out his custody hearing got pushed back for the fourth time. Apparently that’s unheard of so I let him go early to deal with that. My other employee that was working receive a call from his mom and she apparently needed his help with something right away. Since he’d been working with me since 8:30AM that morning I let him go early. It was just me for the last hour, in the extreme cold, but I just started jogging in circles to stay warm and it was actually a lot of fun. I also found out that if you vend outside when it’s super cold you receive waaaayyyyy more tips :)

While we were vending, the guy I met earlier that day called me and said he had a hip-hop artist album release event that night that I was invite to vend at. So, of course, I said fuck yeah I’m coming. It was a fun event but we only did like $50 in 2 hours so not that great… However, I’m optimistic about it, we got on the radar of a market we hadn’t touched yet so that was good. I then went to the Bloomfield Market the next morning and made a fucking killing. It was by far the best we have ever done at any farmers market which was AWESOME! I was really happy after that and had a great rest of the weekend because of it!

Now it’s Monday, I sat down with my partner this morning and the meeting went alright. I never leave meeting with him feeling good anymore but that’s just how it’s going to be until the trailer is done. Our decision from the meeting is that it will be more cost effective, and less work intensive, to buy a pre-built trailer. This means it will only be contractors working on it and not his employees who apparently never have time. We have a follow up meeting on Wednesday to discuss buying a pre-built trailer vs an actual truck. Other than that, I have a few events lined up for this weekend. However, the most important thing right now is I’m actually in the semi-finals for a pitch competition in 30 minutes. The pitch is on my computer and I’ve been prepping and practicing all day. I’m going run through it one more time before I go so wish me luck, hope everyone has had a great Monday!