Is The Building Actually Going To Start…? — 11/10/16

So it’s been quite a while since I last wrote, 21 days to be exact. But all good things are happening and that’s the reason it’s taken me so long. I’ll keep this one short because I would be writing forever if I tried to include every detail. The short story for the trailer is that the base of the trailer was finally delivered to the warehouse two Tuesdays ago (11/1). Construction has still not started because they are finishing up another job but it’s starting on Monday and they aren’t going to stop working on it until it’s finished. Let’s hope they actually start on Monday, I’ll be going to the warehouse on Tuesday to check it out so I’ll write next week and have some pictures for you.

With that in mind, I have started looking at pickup trucks to tow the trailer. I decided I’m going to lease a truck because I don’t want to commit to buying one right now. Buying one is a lot of money and since I haven’t owned a pickup before, I don’t want to be married to one. I went to a Chevy dealer on Monday and looked at a Silverado which was awesome. I’ll be doing a lot more shopping this weekend and early next week. Hopefully, I’ll have a truck in the next two weeks!

As for the chili, we only have had the two catering events at the very beginning but since then we have started going to farmer’s markets to keep my workers busy. Right now we are attending three but one just wrapped up for the season so we were doing four. The markets are either a hit or a miss. It’s the end of the season so attendance is down but I think it’s worthwhile for us to start getting the word out about the truck and giving my employees hours. We are also going to food events around the city which is a lot of fun. Things are moving but it’ll be much better when we have the trailer.

For the employees, we originally signed on 5 but right now only 3 are working. Since we thought we’d be launching sooner it’s a struggle for them to not have many hours which is why only 3 are working right now. They are awesome and I’m so happy they are sticking with me. I’m being as honest as I can with them and they are all super excited for the trailer to be up and running.

That’s pretty much it for now, there are some other things in the works as I have been super busy over the past couple weeks. I finished setting up the bank account, got my taxes in order, found an accountant and set up payroll. I got a credit card for the business and my credit limit is $12,000 which apparently is more than the entirety of 068. I was talking with the CEO and apparently going to jail fucks your credit. Anyways, I’m signing off for now, hopefully I’ll have pictures of the trailer next week!