Last Blog Before the Logo is Ready! — 8/8/16

So I’m still in Scotland and it’s been a blast so far. Haven’t been on a family vacation like this in a while and it’s great spending time with them and now that my sister and I are adults, we have (mostly) real conversations! For example, talking a lot about the truck but also the election, current social issues, race issues and more. Anyways, just wanted to give this quick update because hopefully the website will be going up by the end of the week (fo real this time). The only thing I have done here is have an hour long google hangout session with the logo designer and we really nailed down a lot of things. It was from midnight to 1 AM for me but it was totally worth it. Worked through a lot more than we would have if we kept just messaging back and forth. I’m now just waiting on the final versions of everything and then I should be good to go! That also means that I have to get all the blog posts I have previously wrote ready (which is like 12 pages single spaced), so gotta get crackin’, happy Monday everyone!

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