MAYBE Switching To A Food Truck — 2/7/17

So not a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. We only had one event which was kinda a dud :( It was on the 29th of January and I spent the weekend in Philly which meant I had to get up at 7:30am after a night out to drive back to Pittsburgh for the event. They told me they sold almost 300 tickets to the event and we were the only hot food vendor there so it should’ve been good, right?! But alas, it was not good, they definitely did not have that many people show up and as normal, everyone absolutely loved the chili but we just didn’t sell too much. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Other than that, the only exciting thing that has happened was I had a meeting to see a food truck that is being sold just outside of Pittsburgh. It was just an initial meeting to take a look at the truck and see if it would work for us. The truck actually looked great and would definitely work for us with a couple of minor changes. I was REALLY hoping to be able to take a check to the meeting and buy the truck then and there if it looked good. But again, alas because the grant I mentioned last time has still not been approved so we can’t spend the money yet. I’ve been told by my partner that we should find out today or tomorrow but it’s been like that since he first told me about it. Hopefully, we do find out this week because I would absolutely LOVE to set up another meeting with the guy selling it and go buy the damn thing. Like most other things, we shall see.

That’s pretty much all the news, I started a part-time job two weeks ago because I need to make some money. I’m doing some digital media consulting which I’ve done before so it’s fairly easy and I make decent money :). There are only two full time people there and the CEO is looking for smart, talented young adults to help grow the business. I could totally fit that role but he knows my focus is Revival Chili and this is just something I need to do while waiting for the truck to launch. Luckily, he’s an amazing guy to have on my side because he knows a lot of important people. And he absolutely loves the mission and, obviously, the chili so I’m excited to see where this relationship goes.

The very last piece of news is that I’m going to run a crowdfunding campaign during the month of March. If you remember, I’m part of a fellowship called Venture For America and they hold a yearly competition to see who can raise the most money in a crowdfunding campaign. I’m SUPER excited for this chance because it could be the opportunity I need to fund the truck! So, I’m going to work super hard to make my campaign the best one out there and use all the connections I have to raise a shit-load of money :). The first step is sending an email blast out to all my followers. The email is going out in two days (Wed, Feb 9) and will hopefully start getting people excited! Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll immediately write a short post if we buy the truck this week!